During a keynote at the just concluded Game Developers Conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google’s bold vision to revolutionize the future of gaming. He introduced a cloud streaming platform for gaming, basically, Netflix for games, describing it as a platform for everyone. Pichai revealed that Stadia removed the need to have high-end PCs and consoles to play cutting edge graphically intense games. Just imagine being able to play the PS4/Xbox One versions of FIFA 19, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on your 2GB RAM laptop or your 1GB RAM android device.

Well lucky for you, you don’t have to imagine that anymore. With stadia you can  practically play Xbox one and PS4 quality games on any device you have regardless of its hardware capabilities. You can even play more intense games that would make Sony’s and Microsoft consoles bleed for their lives.

Phil Harrison joined Pinchai on stage to showcase more of the wonders stadia has to offer. With stadia, you have instant access to play any game available on their platform without the need to download or install any game. Harrison showed how stadia integrates gracefully with Youtube. He also showed how many YouTube Creators that already create game clips and content on the service.

After viewing a game clip from a Youtube Creator, hit the ‘Play Now’ button and you would be brought directly into the game in a browser in as quickly as 5 seconds. How cool is that? With no download, no patch, no install you can enjoy the latest cutting edge games just a click away.

At launch, games will be streamable across laptops, desktops, TVs, tablets and phones with no loss in quality. On top of that, you can move your gameplay seamlessly across these devices. How cool is that?

Just How Would You Play?

Your existing usb controllers, mouse and keyboards will work when playing stadia on a laptop or PC. But to enjoy the full stadia experience, Google is launching the stadia controller which will connect directly to the stadia service and would improve latency and easy transfer of gameplay from one device to another. At the click of a button, you can capture and share your game experience back to Youtube or use another button to access the Google Assistant

What powers this unholy beast?

Google’s global data center network, is the backbone of stadia’s architecture. With over 7500+ edge nodes locations around the world, Google is ensuring that the servers are as close to players as possible. That’s a critical component to ensure stadia blazing performance and the low latency required to make streaming games a reality .Google is partnering with AMD to build a custom GPU for its data centers. It’s a chip that Google claims will deliver 10.7 teraflops of power, which is more than the 4.2 teraflops of the PS4 Pro and the 6 teraflops of power on the Xbox One X. Each Stadia instance will also be powered by a custom 2.7GHz x86 processor with 16GB of RAM.

At launch, we should expect to be able to stream games up to 4k resolution at 60FPS over a 30Mbps bandwidth. In the future we should expect up to 8k resolution and 120fps

The Future

With Stadia, Google is making a bold attempt to revolutionize how we play, make, distribute and sell games. This could be a game changer; but considering Microsoft xCloud, Sony PlayStation Now; Amazon, Verizon, Nintendo and EA investing serious time and effort into making cloud gaming a reality, it’s not clear if Google is the one that would come on top if we get a Netflix for games. While we are all excited remember Netflix and Spotify were not built in a day. And gamers are known to be notoriously stubborn when it comes to change. It would take a while for Stadia to amount to something. Let’s watch and see what the promise of cloud gaming has to offer

The future of gaming is not a box

It’s a place for all the ways we play


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