Emmanuel Odu

Emmanuel Odu is the founder of I-CAN INITIATIVE, a non-profit organization striving to substantially reduce the problem of youth unemployment and agitation resulting in poverty, by encouraging formal education, skills acquisition and volunteering.

Emmanuel Odu is a resourceful public speaker with a focused niche on personal development. Determined and motivated by his overwhelming passion to create and see a safe space for teenagers and youths alike, he developed the capacity and skills to help the underprivileged and vulnerable youths in both rural and urban slums in such a way to strike a balance between their own quality of life and meaningful contribution to society.

He has built experience and skill in system maintenance and repairs, communication and corporate presentation, project management, critical thinking, team relationship and management, cognitive flexibility; all of which he acquired serving as an intern and through volunteering in firms, organizations and social projects.

His interests are leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and social impact volunteering.


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