Everyone one owns this exceptional brand of theirs, different from every other person around. This brand called YOU contains some personal symbol, design, name, reputation, emotions, values and priorities different from other human.

Personal branding could also be how you are being perceived by others. Having this uniqueness no one else has, finding your style, being skillful at specific tasks and able leadership, creates your personal brand. Lot of people do have priorities which defines them and gives them limits to what they do.

Knowing your niche also makes you stand out. What comes into the mind of people when they hear about you? When the Nigerian music artiste, Simi is being mentioned, what’s the first thing that pops up on your mind? She’s a musician, right? Yes, she sings and there maybe lot of other things she does but this singing aspect is what everyone knows her for. That’s her niche!

Discovering your niche and building your personal brand takes time and consistency. Take a good time to learn about yourself. It helps you know your strengths and weaknesses and necessary ways to work on them.

Branding brings about visibility, authority, memorability and reputation.

Mirabelle Morah

Ways to Build a Personal Brand

  • Message: What did you find out about yourself? What’s that passionate thing about you, which you’re about to bring on board? That’s your core message, that is what people would identify you for and what they would relate you to.
  • Distinctiveness: Now that you’ve gotten what you do. Now, what sets you apart from others? Do you have a style in doing something different from what others do? This your unique part should be originally from you. Originality makes you stand out..
Laptop with BRAND written on it.

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  • Visibility: Your personal brand should also be visible to people beyond your community. Having a voice online and offline creates your brand visibility. You are an artist and a good one for a matter of fact, do your community know you as an artist without seeing your works? You sometimes do the advertisements by word of mouth and no one sees the actual thing. Taking a step to create visibility for your brand goes a long way to grow your brand. From drawing or painting friends and loved ones for free, joining an online community of artists to post your works, where you could network and learn from them to owning a blog, builds up your personal brand as an artist.  And a community of art lovers can be built from here. You’ll get people who’ll be dedicated to viewing, sharing and talking about your works, and you could also attract customers too.
    Community: Build an engaging community, whom you would offer value to. This also relates to brand visibility. The people who view your works can be a great community for you. Your fans! Social media is a good place to start with. Here people get to interact with you and know you better. Never feel so big in replying to important messages or questions to people as your personal brand grows. Getting feedback from your community reveals the level you are and is also an eye-opener to some things you never knew about

What keeps your brand going is having a growth mindset, also have it in mind to face new challenges.

You should also be credible for what you do.


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