Hands holding phone

“Where is my phone? Did any of you see my phone?”

I asked my cousins who were with me as I continued to check everywhere, scattering things as I was searching. I paused and turned to look at them when I realized that no one was answering my question. All of a sudden one of them started laughing. This aggravated the irritation I was already fighting hard to hide.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked angrily.

“Hope you are not the one that hid my phone? I will be very angry with you if I found out you did.”

“What’s in your hand?” he asked.

The guilt and shame were written all over my face as I looked at what I was holding and realized it was my phone. I was using the torchlight from my phone to search for the same phone, and too ashamed to even apologize for my false accusation, I quickly passed and went into the bathroom to wash my shame away.


How many times have we been seriously in search of something only to realize it was right in front of us, or, that it was in our hand the whole time? If you are like me, then I guess you can’t count. Over time, I’ve learned to look more carefully before raising any false alarm.

In his book “Acres of Diamond”, Russel Conwell tells the story of a wealthy man called Al Hafed. Al Hafed heard from a Buddhist priest how valuable diamonds were, and also how powerful and wealthy he could become if he owned one. That night Al Hafed could not sleep. All of a sudden, he felt poor because of the enormous wealth he heard he could amass if he had diamonds.

Al Hafed sold all his properties, left his family in the care of a neighbour and went in search of diamonds. After wandering through Palestine and Europe, and expending all the money he had, he still didn’t find a single stone and being depressed, he committed suicide. Sometime later, Al Hafed’s successor found diamonds in the brook of the garden on the same property that he – Al Hafed – had sold.

Are You Like Al Hafed?

I’ve heard people complain of how irritating it is to receive a message from someone via Facebook or WhatsApp, asking you who the CEO of Facebook is. I admit this example seems simplistic, but people have asked questions that are far worse. Sometimes the only reason you don’t scream at the top of your voice “can’t you ask Google?” is that written words can hardly portray the height of your displeasure for a thing. Either that, or you are just trying to be polite.

What if I told you that the mobile phone you are probably reading this article with is the “gold mine” I talked about in the title. Someone’s response would be: ‘these people have started again’ and another may just stop reading altogether. No matter what you have read or heard before, I want you to be that one person who will be curious enough to know how this works. I’ll leave you to judge whether you made the right choice or not at the end of this article.

Lady fiddling with phone.
Lady fiddling with the mobile.

Your Mobile Phone is a Gold Mine

With the advancement in technology, the word “impossible” has gradually lost its power and validity. Before you finish saying it to something someone has said, you’ll find that the very thing you wanted to label impossible has already been achieved or created. This development is not unique to computers and machines. Mobile phones are beginning to do what some computers could not do.

Forgive me, I’m going to get a bit technical here. In 2006 or thereabout, when I first used a computer, the pone we owned had an 8-gigabyte hard disk drive and 256-megabyte memory. Today, average cost mobile phones have up to 64-gigabytes of storage and 16-gigabytes memory with processors that are faster than that of my laptop computer. Are you still doubting what you can do with your phone?

So How Can You Create Wealth Using Your Mobile Phone?

This is not a detailed article on how you can make your millions online using your phone. However, I will give a brief summary of some of the ways you can start making money online using your phone and in subsequent articles, I will go into the details of each of these ways.

1. Marketing

In one of my articles: 10 Tips to Increase Your Online Influence, I talked about online influencers. More specifically, I talked about the roles they play in the marketing industry. An influencer is someone who has the ability to affect the decisions other people make. As an online influencer, you’ll get paid for advertising or recommending peoples products, events and content on your blog or social media pages. In the article I mentioned above, I wrote that you can become an influencer using your phone and doing the simple things you have been doing; only this time, you’ll be more focused and make money from it.

2. Proofreading

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wrote something, but however, you found no error after reading it repeatedly, and then someone else comes along and discovers errors at one glance? It happens to everyone, and interestingly you can get paid on the internet for just reading through someone’s documents or posts and making corrections. To be able to do this, you’ll have to create accounts with freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

3. Freelance Writing

Many of the content you see on websites and blogs were not created by the owners of the blog. They pay people to write the content for them. You can be one of the people who gets paid for generating contents for the websites or blogs of others. Some people may not know how to prepare documents like business plans or a proper CV – this is also another avenue for generating income online using your mobile phone.

4. Blogging

Lynda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Noble Igwe and so many other persons have made millions online through blogging. Blogging is basically about putting content online for people to access. The more valuable the content you put out there, and the more people visit your blog to either read or download your content, then the more money you make. Although it takes time and effort, the process is pretty simple and can be replicated by anyone.

5. Learning

I believe that the greatest mark the internet has made is the opportunity it affords anyone to learn whatever they want to learn at little or no cost. You can get up to five (5) university degrees worth of knowledge on the internet and the cost is only the data you spent in accessing that information. This is not up to 5% of what you would have spent going through a conventional school.


There are so many people out there who use their phones to browse employment sites for jobs without realizing the power of what is in their hands. Your phone is not just a tool for taking pictures and telling people about your life on social media. It can be a tool to begin your wealth creation process if you so desire.

The purpose of this article was to open your eyes to treasure that has been lying and wasting in the palm of your hand. What you are going to do about it is entirely up to you and if you want to learn more or get the full gist, keep coming here. We are sure to tell you how you can go about making cool cash with your phone, but for now, just read my 10 Tips to Increase Your Online Presence. It will start you on your journey to making cash online.



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