Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Is Teaching Worth the Trouble?

The Great Depression that hit the United States in the late 1920s to early 30s was one of the gruesome times for the country. The crash of the stock...
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Education in Nigeria: Formal School vs. The Internet

DISCLAIMER: Before you read, I would want you to know that this article takes on a rather radical approach based on my experiences and the experiences of other people....

Welcome to STADIA: The Future of Gaming

During a keynote at the just concluded Game Developers Conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google’s bold vision to revolutionize the future of gaming. He introduced a cloud streaming...

Personal Branding: The Brand Called YOU

Everyone one owns this exceptional brand of theirs, different from every other person around. This brand called YOU contains some personal symbol, design, name, reputation, emotions, values and priorities...
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10 Awesome Productivity Hacks to Get Your Tasks Done

I'm sure that every day all over the world, millions of people wonder how they can be super productive in their daily tasks. I'm also very sure it has...
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10 Tips To Increase Your Online Influence

There’s been a lot of noise about making money on the internet. For many people it is still a dream; for others, the question has always been how do they do...
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Artificial Intelligence: We Know We Are Screwed, But How Much?

"TV KILLED THE RADIO, aND THE INTERNET SLIT TELEVISION'S THROAT" - Wale (Street Philosopher, Rapper ) Wikipedia, Not So Sleek.
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Gold Mine in the Palm of Your Hand

“Where is my phone? Did any of you see my phone?” I asked my cousins who were with me as I continued to check everywhere, scattering...



Drone X Pro Review

Over the years, selfies have evolved from phones to selfie sticks and now, selfies have evolved to a whole new level with...