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I’m sure that every day all over the world, millions of people wonder how they can be super productive in their daily tasks. I’m also very sure it has crossed your mind once or twice. So today, I’ll be sharing with you top 10 productivity hacks that have actually worked for me.

1. Take care of your most important tasks of the day first.

This basically has to do with prioritizing, then acting. So when you wake up, make a quick list of everything you have to do that day (randomly) then rearrange them according to their important task at the top and least important task at the bottom. Ensure to complete critical tasks first.

2. Isolate yourself.

As crazy and ridiculous as this sounds, it actually works!!! OK let’s take a simple case study, if you by chance go to the bathroom without your cell phone you can attest to the fact that you do a whole lot of thinking (I know I do) and its because you’re ALONE!!

So here’s what I suggest; isolate yourself more, it’s called solitude. You can mark it as ‘quiet time’ on your schedule. This is the time you get to meditate and think. This is the time that you’re off limits to every other person. Again I say, It Works.

3. Don’t multitask

Yes, you read that right. Don’t multi task. It’s a major scam! I know it’s tempting, and more often than not, we think it’s safer, but it’s not!! Trying to complete two tasks at once can actually slow you down because you’re dividing attention. Focus on one, then the other.

4. Let your meetings be effective.

As much as chit chats are inevitable, it helps to have an agenda for every meeting and follow the items on the agenda sequentially. This will help maximize your time and energy.

5. Take a break.

Guys, rest!! Take a break, go to the gym, drink a smoothie, read a book, go see a movie, Relax, I mean mentally as well as physically. Take out time in your schedule to rest and unwind, even if its an hour or less, rejuvenate yourself.

Woman working on laptop and drinking coffee.

6. Avoid working on your bed.

There’s a very high possibility that you’ll fall asleep. Sit on a comfortable chair rather. Also, don’t work in front of a TV.

7. Establish a routine.

Your body adjusts better to tasks when you do them consistently. Set goals and achieve them. Stick to your schedule.

8. Quit social media.

I know at this point a lot of people have their eyebrows arched with that ‘seriously?’ Look, but unless your work is social media related it’s advisable to stay offline ’til you’re done with work because it’s a huge distraction.

9. Clear your work space.

A messy hinders your ability to function maximally. Organise your workspace; your office, desk, even your PC. Organise and delete junk files from your PC.

10.  Review your progress.

Do this daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and reward (treat) yourself when you did good and reprimand yourself where you underperform and do better next time.

I love you for reading.

Cover Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash



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