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One of the most important achievements that most teenagers want to have is to become financially independent. We’re in an age and time where young people are at the forefront of creativity and innovations across the world. Teenagers in Nigeria are not left out in this trend of innovative start-ups. If you’re one of those teenagers, then this article is for you.

The presence of the internet and smartphones has truly given an advantage to teenagers who want to start a business. Plus, starting a business early in life will teach you valuable lessons such as responsibility, hard work, integrity/honesty, good communication, time management, etc.

So here are ten (10) business ideas for teenagers like myself:

  1. Bead Making

    If you have basic skills in how to handle a ‘fishing line’, then you’re good. You could basically start with bangles, ankles and work your way up. Package it nicely; display it in a salon – where you know women will patronize. Here is an interesting article on Bead Making.

  2. Car-wash Services

    There is likely to be one or two persons that own a car in your area of residence. Cars get dirty; you can walk up to one of those car owners and offer car cleaning services for a price.

  3. Thrift Store for Books

    Buying and selling of used books is a great idea for people who love reading or are done with high school. You could sell your old textbooks, magazines, novels. Buy some from your friend and then resell it at a high price. This kind of business can be done from home.

  4. Social Media Manager

    Some of you have an aunt or uncle on social media who may be too busy to go online. You could step in and manage their accounts for them – post updates, pictures, videos, check notifications, etc. All for a fee.

  5. Tutorial Services

    You can convert knowledge in a particular area into profit. You could tutor anybody – neighbors, cousins etc. A good understanding of the subject area and good communication skills is required. You will also need a little capital to start.

  6. Laundry Business

    With many working classes around, starting a laundry business is a great idea. You can start in from your neighborhood. You can also offer delivery services.

  7. Pastry Baking

    Pastry business in general is good because people always eat, so customers are almost always sure. You could make things like chin-chin, cup-cakes, meat/fish pie, egg-roll, sausage roll, etc.

  8. Juice Making

    This goes very well with pastry business. So, if you have a friend who can bake, and you can make juice. You can become partners with them. You can start with simple juice flavors like Orange, Mango, Banana, etc.

  9. Ice Block Retailing

    This is brilliant in the dry season. All you need is a fridge and you can start with the one at home. You can start by filling the fridge with water bags and leave it for 5-7 days, and you are good to go.

  10. Kerosene Retailing

    Kerosene is one of the fuels used in cooking; if you live in a locality where kerosene stoves is widely used, this is good business. You just need a 20-liter rubber, a plastic cup, a funnel and you are good to go.

In conclusion, it takes more than just capital and a great environment to start a business. You need communication/advertising skills, tenacity, courage to approach clients, patience, and hard work. If you want your business to work, go out there and hard work.



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